Acoustics is an integral part of a building environment and hence is a necessary factor ofdesign just like fire protection or lighting conditions. Acoustics is however starting to become a more important parameter of quality for the building environment and the final experience of a good indoor environment.Standards and guidelines have been made which specify the minimum requirements for acoustics, different materials’ acoustic standards and now most recently the categorisation of the building environment in different classes of acoustic quality.

The desired effect of acoustics will alwaysdepend on the function or purpose of a room. Acoustics which meet the requirement for a concert hall may not be suitable for a classroom. All acoustic requirements are expressed as physical measurable amounts, e.g. reverberation time. The problem is that even if these requirements are fulfilled it does not necessarily mean there is good acoustics. We can easily define building acoustic requirements as minimum sound insulation or acceptable noise levels.A significant factor for a good indoor climate is pleasant acoustics in rooms. Both sound insulation and room acoustics are decisive factors for a sound level where noise is removed or absorbed and desired sound can be heard.

Gyproc’s Acoustic Ceilings and Wall Range

Our acoustic ceilings and walls range includes Gyptone Activ’Air and Rigitone products. Both are perforated gypsum based products and provide high quality sound absorption. Gyptone Activ’Air products are available in boards, tiles, planks and traps whereas Rigitone products come in a range of boards for a seamless finish.

Gyptone Activ’Air

The Gyptone Activ’Air acoustic ceiling range are designed to improve acousticclimate and air quality in schools, kindergartens, offices, retail and in the health sector. The ceilings will reduce VOC levels, reverberation time and improve speech intelligibility in a given room. They are made from predominantly recycled gypsum, natural and industrial gypsum, plus recycled gypsum collected from construction sites. The paper backing on gyptone is also made from 100% natural materials and contains no environmentally harmful substances. Used Gyptone Activ’Air tiles can be completely recycled in the production of new gypsum products.Gyptone Activ’Air acoustic ceilings contribute to aesthetics, acoustics and improvement of the indoor environment in many different types of construction. They are durable with a very long lifespan and low maintenance costs contributing to Gyptone’s considerable sustainable properties. They are made from 100% natural materials.The Gyptone Activ’Air acoustic ceilings and wall range allows you to create large ceiling surfaces without visible joints. Only the oblong, hexagonal or square perforations are visible. The surfaces are robust with high impact resistance.



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