Gypframe GAI Perimeter Angle is fixed to the wall at maximum 600 mm centres.Soffit cleats are secured to the soffit at 1200mm centres,using appropriate fixings,Gypframe GAI steel Angles are pre-cut and secured to the soffit cleats.Gypframe MF7 primary support channels are installed over Gypframe GAI Perimeter Angles.Fix hangers(two per fixing) to Gypframe MF7 primary support channel using Gyproc Wafer head jack point screws.Gypframe MF5 ceiling sections are run at right angles to the underside of primary channels to form the secondary grid.The ceiling sections are secured to the primary channels by using two Gyproc wafer head jack point screws.Gyproc boards are fixed to the secondary grid to form single or multi-layer linings as specified.

Board Fixings

Board Fixings for Gyproc boards should be at 150mm centers at board-ends, and at 230mm centres within the field of the board.

Board fixings for Gyptone boards should be at 230mm centres across the board ends and through the field of the board.

30 minutes fire Resistance BS

Board type ceiling lining thickness mm MF5 support centers mm MF7 Support centers mm System reference
Regular 2X12.5 450 1200 C106045

60 minutes fire Protection BS

Firestop 2×15 450 900 C106051


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