Dexone products are made of incombustible Gypsum. The regular gypsum ceiling tiles which contains gypsum plaster – a high quality product that is free of any harmful substances that fulfils all current national and international requirements. The ceiling tiles are laminated with anti-static PVC film on the front side and metallized pet foil on the back side. This gives the tiles superior, maintenance free finish along with additional thermal insulation properties. It can be used in areas requiring clean, dust-free interior such as computer rooms, food processing, electronics and pharmaceutical companies.


Gypsum boards are one of the best products for fire protection.and it provides excellent fire resistant  properties.

Test approved BS 476 part 6:1981 for fire propagation for products
Test approved BS 476 part 7:1971 Surface spread of flame tests for materials


Our gypsum ceiling tiles should always be carried on the edge and when stacking the tiles, to ensure the vinyl surface are facing each other. Also the tiles should be kept in a dry area and on a flat surface


Material  Top quality gypsum boards
Surface coating  Embosed vinyl facing for  front side and aluminum foil back side
Moisture   <2%
Sagging resistance  properties  Warranty against visibile sag
Thermal conductivity   0.16w/mK     Noise reduction coefficient   0.1-0.3
Humidity resist   Resistance to 95% humidity and standing water
Light reflectance    0.75


For Matric grids

600x600mm (tiles actual size:593x593mm)

600x1200mm(tiles actual size:593x1193mm)

For Imperial grids

2` x2`(tiles actual size:603x603mm)

2`x4`(tiles actual size:603x1212mm)

for DIN grids

grids   2.05` x2.05` (tiles actual size:618x618mm)

2.05` x4.1`(tiles actual size:618x1243mm)

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