USG Boral Gypsum based Ceiling Tiles come in a range of vinyl, colour, texture, acoustic touch and paper touch patterns with contemporary designs. They are easy to install, low maintenance, sag resistant, easy to align with USG Boral ceiling components and eliminate the need to paint. USGBORAL ceiling tiles with their excellent light reflection show great durability in dry and humid conditions. Vinyl coated tiles have the added advantage of easy to clean even after the ceiling has been installed.

International  specifications

Thickness 11mm
Normal dimensions 600×600
Tolerence  1mm
Aprox.weight perunit: 3,070kg
Aprox.weight per sqm 8,540 kg
Tolerence 4%
Thermal condutivity 0.23w/(m k)
Reaction to  fire Euroclass A1
Number of perforations 1.296
surface of perforation 11.94%

Logistics Data

unit per box 6
Boxes per pallet 64
unit per pallet 384
sqm per pallet 138,24
weight of pallet 10200kg

Absortion Result

m 0,40
NRC 0,41


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