Fujairah Rockwool slabs conforming to ASTM C-612 and equivalent BS-3958 part 5 are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces.These slabs are produced from long,non combustible resin bonded fibers.They are easy to cut,fit and handle.The robust fibers in the slabs combine high levels of thermal efficiency and acoustic absorption


Designed for a wide range of applications at both high and low service can be used on both flat and slightly curved surfaces for thermal and acoustic insulation.They are also suitable for thermal insulation of ducts,tanks,large vessels,cavity walls,curtain walls and sandwich panels


Thickness 25mm
Density 60kg/m3

 Standard Delivery

Available in standard width of 600mmand length of 1200mm,other sizes are available upon request

Service Temperature

Rockwool insulation has a service temperature of 780 c when tested in accordance with DIN 52271 for 80 mm thickness and 100 kg/m3 ever ther is possibile deviation for lower densities

Fire safety

Non combustible when tested in accordance with BS-476:part 4 1970 and ASTM E-136, class I when tested in accordance with BS 476 part 7 and ASTM E-84


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