AQUAPANEL2 Maxi Screws have been specially developed for fixing AQUAPANEL2 Cement Board on to timber and metal frameworks of Differing thicknesses. Both needlepoint and drillpoint versions with countersunk are available. AQUAPANEL2 Maxi Screws can be used for both wall and ceiling applications in interior and exterior applications.


Black phosphate self-drilling screws with countersunk Phillips heads, for fixing plasterboards to metal framing. The fasteners are for use on steel thickness up to 0.6 mm. The screws are tested and  comply to ASTM C1002-98.

Knauf Wafer Head Screws

Zinc coated self-drilling tips with low profile head for metal to metal fixing. Suitable for use with light gauge up to 0.7 mm thick. The screws are tested and comply to ASTM C1002-98.

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