THERMATEX ceiling tiles are made of modern, bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch with excellent outstanding physical properties in fire resistance and acoustic performance.


SYSTEM  Exposed Grid System, demountable ceiling F Free span system, with exposed or concealed suspension  Bandraster system, with exposed or concealed suspension
Dimensions 600 x 600 mm, 625 x 625 mm
Thickness / Weight plank sizes available on request
Colour 15 mm (c. 4.5 kg/m²) 19 mm (c. 5.7 kg/m²)
Edge details White similar to RAL 9010 SK, VT 15/24, AW/SK, GN/SK


Reaction to fire A2-s1, d0 as per EN 13501-1
Fire protection Up to 60 minutes as per BS 476: parts 20 – 23 (according to test certificate)
Sound absorption EN ISO 354 αw = 0.60(H) as per EN ISO 11654 NRC = 0.60 as per ASTM C 423
Sound attenuation Dn,c,w = 34 dB as per EN 20140-9 (15 mm thickness, according to test certificate)
Light reflectance Up to 87%
Thermal conductivity λ = 0.052 – 0.057 W/mK as per DIN 52612
Humidity Up to 90% RH


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