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Special gypsum board A1 for premium fire protection

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Product description

Board type EN 15283-1 GM-F
Colour of board liner fleece bright grey
Back side marking Red

Order information

Board thickness 12.5 mm  2000×1250 mm Material no. 00052457
Board thickness 15 mm 2000×1250 mm Material no. 00002906
Board thickness 25 mm  2000×1250 mm Material no. 00002907
Board thickness 25 mm  2000×1250 mm Material no. 00002907
Board thickness 30 mm  2000×1250 mm Material no. 00002909

Customized lengths on request

Fields of application

Knauf Fireboard gypsum boards are used in drywall systems that provide particularly optimized fire protection. Systems:  Ceiling linings and suspended ceilings  Metal stud partitions  Installation shaft walls Room-in-room systems Knauf Cubo Fire protection encasements of timber frames and steel constructions  Cable and ventilation ducts Engineered fire protection

Knauf Fireboard in shipbuilding

The Certifi cation of Seamen‘s Accident Prevention and Insurance Association No. 107.052 enables Knauf Fireboard to be used as equipment for ships.

Properties and added value

Highest coherence of structure when exposed to fire  Non-combustible Low weight Easy application  Low expansion and shrinkage when climate conditions change Arc resistant



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